Hi! My name is Adam Little.  I first got into woodworking in November of 2010 by making a nativity scene for my house.  It received a good bit of interest and I ended up making quite a few in the following weeks.  My primary job is a residential home designer.  I absolutely love what I do, but at that time, business was too slow to maintain it as a full time career.  My wife and I began praying for God show us what he wanted me to do.  I enjoyed making the nativity scenes so much that I decided to pursue making them to sell.  There was one small problem.  People loved them, but naturally wanted to wait to order until the following November.  I started thinking about what I could make that wasn’t seasonal.

All along, my wife and I knew that whatever I did, we wanted it to bring God glory.  I ended up deciding on making a cross.  I wanted it to be set apart from the others I had seen while looking through various styles.  I wanted it to be something that could not only hang on someone’s front door, but that could be the centerpiece of a family’s living room.

I now needed a name for the company.  I asked around for some ideas.  You wouldn’t believe how many terrible derivatives there are when you try to work my last name into a company name.  I received suggestions (no offense to you who tried to help.  you tried…) such as “Adam’s Little Woodworkings” “Little Creations” and other “Little” this and that.  I get enough grief as it is for the amount of Hobby Lobby trips I make and my phenomenal decoupaging skills (Google it. Not many guys to be found).  For years I have had an email address that began with “mihiadam.”  It was taken from Genesis 1:27.  A bit of a play on words…my name is Adam…Adam was the first created man…man created in God’s image…you get the idea. Made In His Image.  Anyways, I finally asked a friend, who happens to be a marketing genius, and he said “Dude, use Mihi Designs.” It had never crossed my mind. It was perfect!  It has been a great way to share Christ with people as well as a constant reminder of who I am doing this for.

Long story short (somewhat), God has blessed both my home designing as well as Mihi Designs.  Psalm 37:4.

Thanks for reading! I’d love to know your thoughts as I post some of my work!

If you are interested in ordering or have any questions, please email me at adam@mihidesigns.com



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow, what an awesome testimony. Your crosses are so beautiful. I did not know what to expect but they’re gorgeous. I look forward to seeing what crosses my wife likes and order some for Christmas. It has been good to get to know you the past couple weeks and I look forward to getting to know you even better. God has truly blessed you with a wonderful gift and talent. Have a great day and God bless you.

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